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We are by far the best RESTAURANT of MEXICAN FOOD in INDIANAPOLIS, We make our food to order, we make our salsa and ships every day for your, We also make the best margaritas of all united states, YOU DON'T BELIEVE US? COME AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.
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Sarah P.
New Palestine, IN

Surprisingly really nice on the inside!  Good find for the east side.

We live really close and stop here for dinner about once a month.  Good mexican food and waiters/waitresses are always friendly.   We've always had good food (and chips!) and the original margaritas are tasty and strong!

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Heather H.
Indianapolis, IN

Awesome far east side mexican food?  Killer margaritas?  Si, por favor!

This is our go-to restaurant when no one wants to cook and we don't want to spend a lot of money.  I started going here when it was across the street from its current location, and am so pleased with the new place.  This is owned by the same people who run the chain of El Rodeo's you see around town, and the menu is consistent throughout all the restaurants.  The new location is easy to see from Washington St, has ample parking, and is very nicely decorated (including a waterfall!).  I almost always get Vegetarian Combo E - a cheese enchilada, cheese quesadilla, and a bean burrito.  This is damn near always more food than I can eat.  Whenever possible, I also pair this with an ultimate margarita, which I believe is made with fresh lime juice rather than sour mix (though I can't speak for the lower end margaritas).  The service here is also always quick and friendly, which is the main difference I've found throughout the El Rodeo chain. 

Summary - muy bien!


jessica g.
Indianapolis, IN

this is my personal favorite mexican restaurant in all of indianapolis. i am so happy that the restaurant now has more space in a new location in which to make more money!

the food is always fresh and hot and tasty. the salsa is just right too! i highly reccommend this restaurant!


Tracey R.
Indianapolis, IN

This is the original El Jaripeo location and has been here since...well, I can remember it being here in the early 90's.

These guys have it right.  The food is fabulous. They do make their own salsa; IMHO it's the very best in town, at least to my tastes.  The decor is authentic: homesick people putting things on the walls that remind them of home.  The tortillas are also homemade, at least the ones served with the chips.  I asked, and they're made the old-fashioned way, with masa and lard.

The waitstaff is attentive and make sure to get everything right.  Service is fast.

Back to the food: they have a lot of interesting things on the menu, authentic things.  For a long time the menu said something like "Mexican food is not always hot.  Let us show you the variety of delicious, authentic food."  But there are super-hot things there for those who wear it like a badge. 

There are also things like hamburgers on the menu, because there are many family celebrations held in the two large side rooms.  Grandpa's ulcer may need a hamburger rather than salsa, and two-year-olds might prefer grilled cheese to nachos.  Then again, they may not.

But you get the drift: there is a large cross-section of folks eating there at any one time.  You'll see recent immigrant families speaking Spanish and watching futbol on the TVs, and you'll see teens on dates, and big families of all backgrounds enjoying the great food and atmosphere.

There is also a small bar, as well as a large waiting area: it gets pretty busy on the weekends.

El Jaripeo is one of the gems of the far East side, and along with places like Papa Roux, proof that culture in Indianapolis is not confined to Broad Ripple, Mass Ave and Irvington.